Upbit stolen ETH transfer frequency increased, some black addresses collected and transferred 45,000 ETH in 6 days

The Beijing Chainan Chainsmap monitoring system found that the recent transfer frequency of stolen ETH on the Upbit exchange is increasing, and there are multiple splits in the middle, and the strategy is to re-integrate to a certain address and then split and transfer. During this process, security personnel found that multiple addresses were created earlier, but previously infrequently traded in. For example, an address starting with 0x84f4 was created in April 2018. There have been no transactions for 400 days before, but it was re-started last week. It has become an important gathering place for Upbit's stolen black ETH in the near future, and nearly 45,000 ETH have flowed into it in less than 6 days.
On the other hand, the money laundering methods of related funds have become more diverse. Recently, there has even been a strategy of using airdrop contracts for transfers. Analysts said that up to the time of the Upbit theft incident, there have been many exchanges through which money laundering has flowed, and there are many money laundering methods. There are many currencies to be switched. Whether the entire process is the behavior of the original attacker or the change in ownership of some of the black digital currencies requires further observation and analysis.