Russia's "anonymous bomb threat" continues: 8,000 buildings targeted, 15 courts in Moscow evacuated

Kindergartens, shopping malls and courts in some major Russian cities have been evacuated several times in the past few weeks as the country is plagued by the threat of anonymous bombs. According to Gulf News, the bomb threat was linked to the theft of 120 Bitcoins allegedly from the now closed cryptocurrency exchange WEX, a branch of BTC-e. Threats have accused Russian businessman Konstantin Malofeyev of stealing about $ 900,000 in bitcoin. Darya Lebedeva, a reporter at the St. Petersburg Court News Center, reportedly said the bomb threat even claimed that hospitals and supermarkets would be targeted. Anonymous threats were communicated via email, forcing authorities to evacuate about 770,000 people within weeks. It is understood that a total of 8,000 buildings have been targeted and 15 courts in Moscow have been evacuated. Anonymous threaters asked Malofeyev to return the 120 bitcoins.