Beijing Haidian Uses Blockchain and Other Technologies to Realize a New Model of "Smart Approval" for Government Services

On December 24, the reporter learned from the "Smart Approval" launch conference in Haidian District, Beijing that Haidian, based on the "One Netcom Office" platform in the region, applied blockchain, face recognition, and OCR automatic recognition technologies to "Haidiantong". The APP launched a new “Smart Approval” new government service model. For the first 12 items of government service that are online, residents can directly submit service application materials on their mobile phones. The system automatically approves and promptly feedbacks and informs the results of approval, realizing “24 hours without snoozing”, enabling government services to be accelerated and further improved. The working efficiency of approving personnel improves the sense of happiness and gain of citizens in doing things. It is understood that through the "Smart Approval" service launched by the "Haidiantong" APP, the company will apply for "enterprise retirees to change the designated medical institution nearby". After the face recognition, the system will use the blockchain technology background pull, automatic matching and intelligence Fill in the resident's ID information. After the applicant selects the medical institution to be replaced and submits an application, the system will immediately receive the automatic pre-examination results of the system, and the online review results will be obtained soon, and the application can be completed online.