Jianan Blockchain CEO: I do n’t believe that a super mining disaster will happen, and every halving of the market is worth looking forward to

On December 23, Jia Nan Blockchain CEO Shao Jianliang stated in a program that he did not believe in the occurrence of the super mining disaster. He believed that this must be a game between some smart miners and some miners without the strength. The process repeats itself, with similar rotations each time. But every time something unexpected happens. It is worth looking forward to every halving of the market. At the same time, Shao Jianliang also mentioned that bitcoin mining is actually the process of buying bitcoin at a cost price. Non-compliance is a staged product and does not mean forever. In the end, Shao Jianliang said that the future strategic layout of Canaan Technology will be mainly distributed in the fields of AI, blockchain, cloud computing and big data.