Multiple encrypted YouTube bloggers release videos affected by censorship for no reason at this time

After the cryptocurrency industry video v. Chris Dunn on Twitter said that most of its cryptocurrency videos were forcibly deleted by YouTube, several industry insiders expressed their opinions. Chris Coney of The Cryptoverse on the YouTube channel confirmed that he was also affected: "They also dealt with me. I have received the email today." The crypto influencer Tone Vays also expressed his concern: "Oops, my show is called ' "Trading Bitcoin", I'm definitely on their list. "Heidi, creator of Crypto Tips, a channel with more than 55,000 subscribers, said:" My channel has also been affected by a new wave of censorship. This Probably the 'fun' to work with a suffocating, centralized entity. ”Although many people blame this on the centralized, large-scale crypto censorship on Youtube, others suspect that this may involve more Personal conflict. A screenshot of a telegram conversation posted by Chico Crypto shows a user named IamSamSmith vowed to retaliate. The user's self-description is as follows: "Counter-attacks against racist scammers in the crypto space." The user claims that he has also participated in the removal of content from other channels.