Baidu Smart Cloud helps Xujiahui Mall Group build the world's first AI blockchain smart business district

Recently, Shanghai Xujiahui Mall (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Xujiahui Science and Technology Commission joined forces with Baidu Smart Cloud to announce the construction of the world's first big data + AI + blockchain smart business circle. Baidu Smart Cloud will undertake the construction of the Xujiahui Smart Mall project, of which "Skychain-Blockchain Platform" is the core infrastructure of the project, and Xujiahui Mall is also a benchmarking case for government affairs after Baidu completed the strategic upgrade of the blockchain platform. Through blockchain technology, Xujiahui's multi-vendor customer point system is opened, and points can be exchanged, consumed, and settled on the chain to realize the connection of multiple merchant points. A universal membership system in the business circle is established to enhance user activity and activate sleep points. Increasing the richness of the items exchanged by the points mall will support the use of points in the parking lot scene and strengthen the liquidity of points. Baidu upgrades its blockchain business platform. Relying on Baidu Intelligent Cloud, Baidu officially launched the "Skychain-Blockchain Platform", which will focus on the enterprise blockchain field and help China's independent innovation of the blockchain.