Alibaba public welfare platform will use blockchain technology to make public welfare recordable, shareable, and incentivizable

On December 23, Alibaba released the "Guidelines for the Evaluation of Public Welfare", which is a standard for measuring the length of volunteer service and the value of public welfare behavior. According to reports, the release of this standard allows quantification of public welfare behaviors, which is of great value and role to the formation of a positive cycle of public welfare ecology for all parties in the society and the public. The "Public Welfare Evaluation Criteria" was drafted and developed by Alibaba, together with experts in the public welfare industry and experts in the standardization field. It innovatively combines offline volunteer services and online Internet public welfare with a unified measurement of public welfare time, providing value for public welfare behavior Unified standard reference. According to the standards for public welfare, 1 hour offline volunteer service = 1 public welfare, 1 free blood donation of 200ml = 4 public welfare, 1 tree planted in Ant Forest alone = 1 public welfare, 1 donation step = 0.1 public welfare, One loving donation or one good cause purchase = 0.1 public welfare … Alibaba's 3-hour public welfare platform will also use blockchain technology to make it possible to record, share, and motivate public welfare.