The "Lanzhou Rail" APP uses the Internet, big data, blockchain and other technologies to achieve business connectivity with the "Metro Metropolis" APP

According to Lanzhou Daily, on December 23, the reporter learned from the city rail company that Lanzhou Rail Transit Co., Ltd. plans to officially launch the WeChat ride on December 28, based on the original payment method for rides and gates. Code, Alipay ride code, telecommunications "wing payment APP" and other mobile Internet scan code and ride service. The city rail company also draws on the experience of domestic mature urban rail transit, continues to promote the construction of smart rails, and uses cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet, big data, and blockchain to achieve the "Lanzhou Rail" APP QR code and the Shanghai Metro "Metro Metropolis" APP The QR code interconnects services in terms of rides, deductions, itinerary inquiry, and electronic invoice issuance. As a result, Lanzhou, the western inland provincial capital, with the comprehensive construction of refined Lanzhou, will become China's first western city that uses blockchain technology to access rail transit QR codes.