Subway Line 1 "Code" is about to open! Lanzhou applies blockchain technology to access two-dimensional code of rail transit

Li Xin, full media reporter from Lanzhou Daily

Source: Xinhuanet Gansu Channel

Editor's Note: The original title was "The Subway Line 1" Code "will be opened soon."

On December 23, the reporter learned from the city rail company that in order to further improve the level of Lanzhou rail transit operation and service level and meet the needs of the general public for convenient and diversified vehicle rides, Lanzhou Rail Transit Co., Ltd. plans to start on December 28 On the basis of the original payment method for ride-by-gate, the official launch of WeChat ride-by code, Alipay ride-by code, and telecommunication "wing payment APP" and other mobile Internet diversified code-sweep ride-by-ride service, which means Lanzhou citizens Say goodbye to waiting in line to buy tickets, the era of "yard" boarding is coming.

It is understood that the city rail company's WeChat ride code, Alipay ride code, and “Wing Payment APP” ride-on crossing methods have been implemented in Lanzhou Rail Transit Line 1, “Lanzhou Rail App”, one-way ticket, transportation Based on boarding methods such as card, UnionPay credit card, and "UnionPay NFC", they actively respond to public concerns, and continue to optimize innovative ticketing modes. Through intelligent and informatized means, they can further fit the public passenger's driving habits and improve the efficiency of crossing gates. So that passengers have a better ride experience, and facilitate passengers to travel quickly. At present, WeChat, Alipay, and Wingpai have basically completed the preparations for launch and equipment commissioning. At that time, the city rail company will cooperate with Tencent, Alipay, China Telecom Wing Payment and other units to launch more ride preferential policies and rights exchange content.

With the increase of this new business, in addition to the UnionPay credit card payment, the existing payment channels of "Lanzhou Rail APP" (official mobile client) can also be opened with WeChat and Alipay non-secret payment functions, so as to fully respect the passenger's Consumer behavior. At the same time, the city rail company also learns from domestic mature urban rail transit related experiences, continues to promote the construction of smart rails, and uses cutting-edge technologies such as Internet big data and blockchain to achieve the "Lanzhou Rail" APP QR code and the Shanghai Metro "Metro Metropolis" The APP QR code interconnects services in terms of rides, deductions, itinerary inquiry, and electronic invoice issuance. As a result, Lanzhou, the western inland provincial capital, with the comprehensive construction of exquisite Lanzhou, will become China's first western city that uses blockchain technology to access rail transit two-dimensional code interconnection. It will also be realized in the future with Hangzhou , Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, and other domestic Yangtze River Delta regions and other cities such as Qingdao, Xiamen, Xuzhou and other urban rail transit APP QR codes are interconnected. Lanzhou citizens will carry the "Lanzhou Rail APP" in these cities.