Li Yinke: 2020 is the turning point of the blockchain. Supply chain finance and digital asset governance have development potential

According to the No. 1 Finance Institute, Li Yinke, Secretary General of the Blockchain Special Committee of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, said in an interview that, in terms of technology, blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger, which can also be understood as a database. Without integration with big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing and other technologies, the ability to solve a single problem is very limited. The so-called landing is to empower the real economy, which is suitable for many blockchains in the existing Internet scene and traditional economic scene. However, due to the technical disadvantages of high-concurrency commercialization, blockchain has not done better than Internet technology. Even as a trust machine, it is not more appealing and attractive than centralized facilities. Therefore, I think that landing can't be rushed, and landing in the existing scene is called improvement or optimization at best. The biggest application scenario of the blockchain is a new scene created by combining its own technical characteristics, where revolutionary subversion can only occur. Li Yinke believes that 2020 is a turning year for blockchain. When a technology rises to the national strategic level, it fully illustrates the importance of blockchain in the future information technology field, but opportunities and challenges coexist. Blockchain practitioners should find their own roles. In recent years, there have been many risk events under the name of the blockchain, especially in the financial field. Blockchain practitioners can develop business in the field of supply chain finance or digital asset governance. Blockchain practitioners must have the concept of converged applications, communicate with other people and companies engaged in cutting-edge information technology, and go deeper into physical enterprises to promote the development of blockchain convergence.