Zhang Jianlin of Hangzhou Normal University: Exploring the use of digital currency in the Digital Trade Center is a direction worth exploring

According to the Guangxi Daily, on December 20, a roundtable on digital trade development co-sponsored by the China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit Secretariat, the Big Data Development Bureau of the Autonomous Region, Guangxi University, and the China Cross-Border E-Commerce Research Institute of Zhejiang University was held in Nanning Held. Exploring the direction, path, and measures for the development of digital trade in Guangxi, scientifically advancing the construction of the China-ASEAN Digital Trade Center (hereinafter referred to as the "Digital Trade Center"), and expanding the new space for China-ASEAN digital trade development have become hot topics of discussion among the participating experts. Zhang Jianlin, Executive Dean of Alibaba Business School of Hangzhou Normal University, believes that creating a digital trade ecological environment for the digital trade center is the most important. He suggested using 5G, Internet of Things, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence and other information technologies to connect a large amount of data to create an infrastructure that can better promote the development of digital trade and provide first-class logistics and financial services. Exploring the use of digital currencies in the Digital Trade Center is a direction worth exploring.