Wu Xiao, CEO of Pure White Matrix: Blockchain does not actually improve the efficiency of information transmission

According to the Wanxiang Blockchain News, on December 20th, Pure White Matrix CEO Wu Xiao said at the 12th event of the Wanxiang Blockchain Hive Academy that the blockchain does not actually bring about the efficiency of information transfer . The original piece of data is now required by every node in the world, or several important nodes of an alliance chain, which definitely reduces efficiency. But at the same time, the security and stability it brings ensure process justice and behavioral justice. Jingdong has an application case in commercial products-vaccine vehicles. The traditional vaccine vehicle is minus 10 degrees when going out and minus 10 degrees when entering the warehouse, but this does not mean that this batch of vaccines is safe and reliable. Because once the vaccine has a point higher than 30 degrees in the middle, the entire vehicle vaccine is discarded. This scenario requires a behavioral monitor and behavioral justice. JD makes a chip and reports the temperature every once in a while. The solutions provided by the blockchain and the Internet of Things technology make this batch of vaccines highly reliable. The temperature measured every 15 minutes is below zero, and the final result may be that the batch of vaccines has been refrigerated. Many vaccine vehicles now use this technology.