"Chaoyang District Procuratorial White Paper": Illegal fund-raising scams such as virtual currency are repeatedly banned

On December 25, the Economic Daily published an article "Illegal fundraising crimes are the hardest hit areas." According to the article, the Chaoyang District Procuratorate of Beijing recently released the "White Paper on Financial Inspection of the Chaoyang District of Beijing", revealing new characteristics and trends of financial crimes, and prompting to prevent new loopholes in financial management. The white paper shows that in terms of the number of cases, illegal fundraising crimes are still the hardest hit areas. It is worth noting that virtual currency scams are repeatedly banned, and "Ponzi schemes" are often used as bait with high rebates. The white paper reveals that many criminals are carrying out illegal fund-raising through the issuance of "virtual currency" and "virtual assets" under the banner of "blockchain", "virtual currency" and other innovative hot spots. For example, in the case of Luo Moumou's illegal absorption of public deposits, the company involved in the case published a virtual currency called Mintongbao on the website without applying for record filing to attract investors to enter.