Du Xiaoman Blockchain Leader: In the future, the larger market for blockchain is digital

Li Feng, head of Du Xiaoman's blockchain, said that the larger market for blockchain in the future is digital. We know that blockchain is born of Bitcoin, and it is naturally suitable for virtual scenarios. Using technology to ensure asset ownership, circulation, and value amplification, the blockchain can do well. But the current level of digitization is not so high, and we see that many areas are trying to evolve digitally. For example, the application of blockchain in various fields cannot be supported through mobile phones and the Internet. In the future, even your real estate will not be based on the real estate book in your hand, but through the registration on the blockchain. The development of the blockchain takes time. This time happens to be the development of the Internet of Things and the development of 5G technology. After all these two are combined, the broad application of the real blockchain will come. This digitalization has a lot of room for development in the future. At this stage, it may be an excessive way to digitize and on-chain some traditional offline businesses. This is my personal experience.