Marketing gimmick refurbishment blockchain investment App risk is difficult to measure

According to the Beijing Business Daily, 2019 is a year of explosive growth in the concept of the blockchain. Under the background of the concept of the blockchain, many blockchain investment apps have also spawned. Beijing Business Daily reporters are concerned that many complaints about blockchain apps have recently been added to the Ju complaints platform. These investment apps mainly use digital currency hype, most of which are "blockchain" and "decentralization" "Business model" gimmicks mining to make money, "MLM induction", "false propaganda", "rebate fraud", "cut leek" behavior is chaotic.

Liu Feng, a researcher invited by the Institute of Artificial Intelligence Reform and Management of Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, said that the blockchain-based money-making apps appearing on the market, especially the declared mining categories, are basically divided into two categories: one is mining corresponding token The other type of currency is that mining can directly generate RMB income, and no matter how the game is packaged, its essence is inseparable from the mining app that promises high or even high interest rates.