Blockchain Capital partner: Bitcoin halving will promote a virtuous cycle of infrastructure construction, computing power, security and liquidity

According to the AMBCrypto report, Spencer Bogart, a partner of venture capital firm Blockchain Capital, said recently that Bitcoin halving is just one of the points, this is a pooling point of funds, and many funds are preparing for this. At the same time, Bogart revealed that the company conducts a survey every 18 months and found that 27% of respondents aged 18 to 34 said they are likely to buy bitcoin within the next five years. Bogart pointed out that when people start talking about halving, it will drive more purchases and a virtuous circle, really driving the Bitcoin market. Rising prices drive more infrastructure, higher computing power and network security, and better liquidity, all of which will lead to rising prices. Earlier in December, Spencer Bogart had stated that it would not be wise to bet on Bitcoin in the next five years, but it also affirmed that the halving event is generally beneficial to Bitcoin.