Economic Daily: To promote the improvement of the blockchain industry ecosystem, we need to start from five aspects, including technological innovation and industrial supervision.

The Economic Daily published today a paper "Promoting the Improvement of the Blockchain Industrial Ecosystem". According to the article, in recent years, China's blockchain industry has developed rapidly, but there are still many challenges in terms of technological breakthroughs, talent support, and security prevention and control. In this regard, it is necessary to take targeted measures to solve and continuously improve the blockchain industry ecosystem. The article mentioned that the main factors restricting the development and improvement of China's blockchain industry ecosystem are the following: First, the blockchain technology is still in the early stages of development, and basic research and collaborative research are weak; second, the blockchain field There is a large talent gap; the third is that the hidden dangers of blockchain security cannot be ignored, and the risk prevention and control needs to be strengthened; the fourth is that the overall layout of the blockchain industry needs to be further coordinated; the fifth is that the relevant policies and regulations of the blockchain industry are not yet complete. The article suggests that to further promote the improvement of the blockchain industry ecosystem, we must start from five aspects of technological innovation, talent training, risk prevention and control, ecological coordination, and industrial supervision to find a solution.