Greece has suspended extradition of Alexander Vinnik, founder of BTC-e, pending awaiting appeal

Reuters news that Greece has suspended extradition of Russian citizen Alexander BV-e founder Alexander Vinnik and awaits appeal. This reportedly led to Vinnik's second hunger strike. His first hunger strike began in November 2018 and lasted 88 days. Authorities insist that the cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e operated by Vinnik is a $ 4 billion bitcoin money laundering gang. In addition to money laundering, BTC-e is also suspected of assisting multiple crimes, including drug trafficking and computer hacking. Vinnik has denied the allegations, claiming that he is only a technical adviser to the exchange and not its operator. His lawyer commented that the extradition ruling was "unfair", which amounts to a "death sentence". Moscow had previously asked Greek authorities to return Vinnik to Russia to face lighter fraud charges totaling 10,000 euros ($ 16,000). Greece's decision to suspend extradition mentioned that he should be transferred to the United States after being sent to France before being extradited to Russia. Earlier news, the Greek Justice Minister made a decision on Friday to extradite Vinnik to France.