More cryptocurrency industry big V videos deleted on Youtube

According to NewsBTC reports, recently, a discussion broke out on Twitter's crypto space, discussing whether Youtube might close the industry channel. Initially, only a few Youtube channels were affected: Canadian Bitcoin educator "BTCSessions" and Youtube v. Chris Dunn, who supports crypto finance, said some of their videos were deleted for "harmful and dangerous" content. In the afternoon and evening of the 23rd, some videos of popular Bitcoin price analyst "Sunny Decreate" and crypto programmer "Ivan on Tech" were also deleted. Both channels have tens of thousands of users. On December 24, crypto educator Omar Bham (named "Crypt0" on Youtube), Alex Saunders' "Nugget's News" and crypto media founder Michael "Boxming" Gu were all affected, including Nugget's All 50 videos in the News channel have been deleted.