U.S. lawyers explain why regulators need to re-examine whether Ethereum 2.0 involves securities trading

Gulovsen Law Office's official blog post said today that as Ethereum transitions to 2.0 and adopts a new PoS model, the CFTC Chairman Heath Tarbert said that the CFTC and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will Fang 2.0 conducts a new round of review to determine whether it meets the scope of securities trading.

In Ethereum 2.0, the Ethereum Foundation plays a leading or central role in the continued development of the network or digital assets. Ethereum buyers or validators obviously need to implement or supervise the Ethereum network to achieve this. Or retain the intended function. The Ethereum Foundation provides grants to various independent teams to establish norms to determine whether compensation should be provided to those who provide services to the network and how they should be compensated. The Ethereum Foundation owns or controls the intellectual property of the network or digital asset, including a series of trademarks. The Ethereum Foundation reserves shares or interests in digital assets. According to the guidelines for the analysis framework of digital asset “investment contracts” released by FinHub, the SEC ’s Center for Innovation and Financial Technology Strategy, released on April 3, 2019, the stronger the existence of all these factors, the less likely the network is fully decentralized And the greater the possibility of involving securities trading.