Analysis: Technology development, institutional investment, etc. will drive the adoption of cryptocurrencies in 2020

On December 25, Cointelegraph issued a paper stating that technology development and institutional investment in the crypto field will promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies in 2020. At present, there are various applications in the crypto industry, and artificial intelligence can be used to make cryptocurrencies attractive to the mainstream public. For example, effectively optimize energy consumption during mining. Once AI and encryption are combined, AI can potentially calculate the performance probability of a particular node and recommend methods that can be used to implement faster and cheaper transactions on the blockchain. In addition, when combined with the Internet of Things technology, different nodes will be able to communicate autonomously, improving efficiency. Another reason why cryptocurrencies will become mainstream by 2020 is the increasing interest of institutional investors in crypto-related projects. Finally, the pace of the global cashless society is accelerating, and the use of microchips and cashless systems is increasing. All this will drive the adoption of cryptocurrencies in 2020.