YouTube deletes a large number of cryptocurrency videos, is it overreacting or strengthening regulation?

Video social networking site YouTube is apparently reviewing cryptocurrency-related content. Several cryptocurrency videos of popular content creators were inexplicably deleted yesterday, including Chris Dunn, Boxmining, and more.

Today, they find that more of their videos have been deleted. It is reported that these content creators received a week's ban and severe warnings. If they continue to publish similar content, their accounts will be permanently banned.


(Boxmining says videos that reveal crypto market manipulation have also been flagged as harmful or dangerous content)

Most of the deleted crypto-related videos were classified as "harmful or dangerous content", but one content creator stated that the deleted videos were classified as "selling regulated goods" .

It seems that some videos that only discuss the analysis of the cryptocurrency market are also classified as harmful or dangerous content, and content creator Chico Crypto claims that in the deleted video, it only asked users if they had heard of Bitcoin (BTC).

For the censorship of YouTube, the current interpretation of the market is divided into two types:

  1. First, it is possible that YouTube has overreacted to cryptocurrency fraud;
  2. The second is pressure from regulators.

As of press time, YouTube has not clarified the situation, and YouTube's terms of service have not yet stated that cryptocurrency-related content will be banned.

It is reported that many creators of deleted videos have begun to switch to alternative video sharing solutions based on blockchain.

What do you think?