The nation's first "Blockchain Technology Ability Test (Elementary)" was launched

According to People's Daily, on December 21, 2019, 30 candidates participated in the nation's first "Blockchain Technology Ability Test (Elementary)" at the Xuhui Campus of Shanghai Normal University. Candidates are composed of students from universities such as Tongji University, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Normal University, and half of them are employed. Among them, there are financial industry practitioners who have worked in the past 20 years. After passing the exam, he obtained a professional technical competence certificate issued by the Chinese Institute of Electronics to possess primary professional technical knowledge to enter the blockchain field. The preliminary preparation of "Blockchain Technology Ability Test (Elementary)" includes the overall preparation of the textbook "Principle and Practice of Blockchain Technology" (Mechanical Industry Press, January 2020) in colleges and universities, the organization of related training teachers, Expert review of the "Blockchain Technology Ability Test (Elementary)" exam outline until the introduction of the relevant test question bank. The exam knowledge module consists of 6 parts, namely: blockchain system knowledge, blockchain network communication, blockchain security mechanism (including encryption algorithm), consensus mechanism, smart contract, and blockchain application operation. Test propositions "know", "understand", and "master" propositions based on the cognition of each part of the test outline, and finally present the set of right and wrong questions, multiple choice questions, and experimental operation questions. The test time is 120 minutes, and the entire test is a closed book test.