The CSW legal team insists that CSW is unable to comply with a court order and that his wife does not need to testify in court

In its latest response to the motion in the Kleiman case, CSW's legal team put forward some of the weakest arguments in the trial. One file insisted that CSW was unable to comply with a court order, and the other claimed that the plaintiff was unable to pay the costs of her wife's testimony, which meant that she did not have to testify in court. On December 23, CSW's lawyers filed two documents with the Southern District Court of Florida, one in response to earlier court motions and the other in response to the plaintiff's request for CSW's wife Ramona Watts to testify in court. The purpose of the first document was to provide more information that the CSW should not be punished for failing to comply with a court order. This refers to an August ruling by Judge Reinhart that the CSW refused to provide his list of Bitcoin addresses. CSW's team argued that not only did CSW "prove" that he could not provide an address for Bitcoins mined before 2013, but also instructed nChain's CTO Steve Shadders to investigate the matter. They said that this alone proved that he had done his best to comply with the court order. The plaintiff cited Shadders' testimony to prove that Wright was lying because he said he had never seen the encrypted file where the private key of the address claimed by CSW was located.