Huobi official: the year is near, beware of the "pig kill" in the disguise of blockchain

The person in charge of the public relations department of Huobi recently said that the recent "pig killing" scams in the disguise of the blockchain are high. The scammer called the user by impersonating the customer service of the exchange platform, invited the user to join the WeChat group, induced the user to purchase digital assets on the OTC platform with high profits, and then withdrew money to the address of the "killing pig" platform. The user could not withdraw and suffered losses . Huobi official tips: first, please be careful to identify the platform customer service identity, second, Huobi customer service will not require users to withdraw digital assets to a certain address; third, please be cautious about high-yield and other temptations, which may mean that The trap. Ask users (especially new users) to be deceived.