View: Cryptocurrencies are the future, and they will eventually gain more attention, legitimacy, and use

Crypto experts and blockchain experts from CEO think tank The Oracles have recently expressed their views on the trend of the digital currency market in the next few years: In the long run, people's views on cryptocurrencies are positive, and cryptocurrencies will eventually Get more attention, legitimacy, and use. details as follows:
Judd Rosenblatt, founder of consulting firm AE Studio, said encryption is a very good choice in the long run;
Skrill, NETELLER and Paysafe CEO Lorenzo Pellegrino said that although the crypto market may have collapsed, the growth in infrastructure supporting digital currency platforms has remained stable, and Bitcoin has evolved into a relatively large, multi-billion dollar ecosystem;
QAN Blockchain Platform Chief Technology Officer Johann Polecsak said that as blockchain technology enhances work processes and simplifies daily procedures for enterprises, large-scale adoption begins;
Crypto trading platform StormGain CEO Alex Althausen recalled the situation in 1997, when Amazon's stock price soared to more than $ 300 per share, but its share price fell to less than $ 6 after the Internet bubble burst in the early 2000s. However, the stock is currently trading at $ 1,789. It believes that digital currencies will also have a model similar to Amazon.