Academician of the Norwegian Academy of Engineering: Blockchain will bring new changes to future information services

On December 26, the overseas edition of People's Daily published "Blockchain Innovation in China's Value Chain". Rong Chunming, member of the Norwegian Academy of Engineering, said that through blockchain, a new platform can be created for Internet-based services. "Blockchain + Internet" can make people's lifestyles more and more abundant. Blockchain can promote data sharing and build a trusted system. Combining the two with Internet services can build a new platform. We need to rethink how to 'reshape' the wide variety of Internet services in our lives. In particular, technologies such as artificial intelligence and 5G are used to add trusted systems and data sharing to Internet services, thereby improving service levels. What we have to do is 'chain + chain' to achieve the combination between various chains. Blockchain has cloud computing. The most important thing in cloud computing is data flow. How to control the data flow and add the calculation to it is our new research topic. Blockchain will bring new changes to information services in the future.It can not only perform identity authentication, but also can be combined with artificial intelligence to provide information services for enterprises and help manage the life cycle of data.