Securities Times: Shenzhen Stock Exchange releases blockchain 50 index, let investors not be too mythical

On December 26, the Securities Times issued a "Blockchain 50 Index Releases Regular Army Do Not Speculate Coins". The article pointed out that the blockchain was once considered a technology that changed the world. The virtual currency is frequently staged to attract money, and the virtual currency is used as a scam. The reputation of the blockchain is very bad. Back to the technical level, blockchain is just one of many technological inventions. Distributed storage and decentralization are an ideal way to solve the problem of trust, but the current centralized approach is also good to use, simple and effective. Therefore, the blockchain technology has always been a thunderstorm with little rain, and has been slow to enter the practical field. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange released the Blockchain 50 Index, allowing investors to understand where the regular army of blockchain technology is. It is understood that various types of enterprises are exploring the blockchain, and they can understand the blockchain more clearly. The chain is not too demonized.