Professor of Hebei University of Finance: Blockchain can promote the modernization of government governance

Zhao Yongxin, a professor from Hebei University of Finance, said in an interview that distributed storage of blockchain can realize the cross-department and cross-regional maintenance and utilization of government data. Smart contracts can promote multi-department business collaboration, further promote simplified administration and decentralization, and optimize the administrative approval system. , Improve the business environment, stimulate the vitality of various market entities, and then promote the modernization of government governance. For the financial industry, the distributed storage technology of the blockchain solves the problem of information symmetry, the consensus mechanism algorithm solves the problem of data credibility, asymmetric encryption solves the problem of user privacy protection, and smart contracts solve the efficiency improvement The problem. These four technical characteristics are precisely the most important issues in the financial industry. The essence of finance is risk, and the essence of risk is information asymmetry. Blockchain solves the problem of information asymmetry and credibility between the financial industry and the real economy. This will greatly reduce the due diligence costs of the financial industry and help prevent financial risks, and smart contracts will effectively improve the efficiency of the financial services real economy.