Deputy Director of Digital Economy Research Office, Chinese Institute of Electronics: The blockchain industry can be divided into basic industries, featured industries and forward-looking industries

On December 26th, Ling Xia, deputy director of the Digital Economy Research Office of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, published a paper entitled "What Are the Blockchain Industry"? The article pointed out that there can be a certain scale around blockchain technology and derived products, applications and services. The clear and feasible business set of the business model is regarded as the main component of the blockchain industry. According to industry attributes and different development stages, the blockchain industry can be divided into basic industries, characteristic industries and forward-looking industries. Among them, the basic industry is the foundation of the development of blockchain, including terminal hardware such as chips, miners, operating systems such as public chains, side chains, and cross-chains, distributed storage, distributed computing, and development tools such as blockchain as a service. At this level, the characteristic industries mainly cover existing application areas, including "blockchain + supply chain" fields such as supply chain finance and traceability security, and "blockchain + finance" fields such as cross-border payments, insurance, and settlement. In the field of blockchain + copyright protection, the forward-looking industries mainly include areas that have not yet landed but have great development potential, including blockchain + intelligent manufacturing, blockchain + Internet of Things, blockchain + medical care, etc. At present, the scale of the blockchain industry is rapidly expanding, and the application scenarios are continuously expanding. It is entering an explosive period of accelerated innovation, accelerated iteration, and group breakthroughs, which will effectively support the high-quality development of the digital economy.