Blockchain 50 index released, regular army does not speculate

Securities Times reporter Yu Shengliang

Source: Securities Times

On the morning of the 24th, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange released the Blockchain 50 Index. The companies selected in the index were surprising. This index also made investors understand that the blockchain is not only a variety of virtual currencies, but various companies that can be combined with the real economy.

Before the release of this index, many investors even felt that A-shares had little to do with the blockchain. On the one hand, because the blockchain technology is puzzling, it seems to be a particularly powerful technology, and few companies can master it. On the other hand, the blockchain has been linked to various virtual currencies and has become a hype tool.

The companies included in the sample index include Ping An Bank, Midea Group, Suning Tesco, Vision China, SF Holdings, BGI, Halo New Network, Donggang Stock, Anne Stock, etc. These companies don't seem to have much connection, including various industries, new and old industries. It can be seen that the research and use of blockchain technology is broad.

Blockchain has gained popularity because of Bitcoin, but since the birth of blockchain technology, sensitive companies have been researching this technology. Financial institutions have high requirements for security and credibility, so they are very interested in this technology. The reporter participated in an event including Weizhong Bank many years ago, and technicians were studying how to use blockchain technology.

Tencent's blockchain has been successfully applied in the fields of supply chain finance, data sharing and exchange, food traceability, and judicial certification. Electronic invoices can also introduce blockchain technology to open up various links.

But on the whole, the application of blockchain in the fields of games, medical, Internet of things, logistics, identity authentication, etc. is still basically experimental. Traditionally, the blockchain is small in scale and low in efficiency. The public chain represented by Bitcoin technology can be read and written by participants, has high trust, but lacks application scenarios and is not efficient.

In order to enter the practical field, the blockchain technology has evolved. With the private chain and the alliance chain, the private chain is applied in a main body. The characteristics are also multi-centralized, but the key nodes only need the authority trusted by all parties. Institutions write and modify so that efficiency issues can be addressed. The alliance chain can involve multiple subjects.

No matter what the chain is, the current practical scale is very small. Industry insiders predict that the alliance chain that takes into account both ideal and reality is most likely to be popularized, and it is possible to take the lead in breakthroughs in the field of supply chain finance.

Blockchain was once considered to be a technology that changed the world, but because of various types of virtual currency hype, especially some hype people frequently staged a gold-absorptive method on virtual coins, using virtual currencies as a means of fraud, the blockchain has a bad reputation. Back to the technical level, blockchain is just one of many technological inventions. Distributed storage and decentralization are an ideal way to solve the problem of trust, but the current centralized approach is also good to use, simple and effective. Therefore, the blockchain technology has always been a thunderstorm with little rain, and has been slow to enter the practical field.

Enterprises value and continuously promote the application of blockchain. Now it seems like trial and error, hoping to find a good track that can be stuck in key parts, so as not to be preempted by others, as to how wide the track will be in the future. Long, in fact, not many people can say exactly.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange released the Blockchain 50 Index, allowing investors to understand where the regular army of blockchain technology is. It is understood that various types of enterprises are exploring the blockchain, and they can understand the blockchain more clearly. The chain is not too demonized.