Dean of Northwest Academy: Make full use of big data, blockchain, cloud computing and other technologies to improve the efficiency of monitoring and supervision

According to China Forestry Network News, on December 19, the Northwest Academy held a special meeting to convey and learn the spirit of the National Forest Resource Management Working Conference. Dean Li Tanbao requested that the whole hospital should attach great importance to it, carefully study and understand the spirit of this meeting, focus on the new requirements of forest resource management in the new era and new situation, and implement it from four aspects. The first is to improve political standing, attach great importance to forest supervision, and effectively fulfill the responsibility of forest resources supervision and management through practical actions; the second is to strengthen monitoring technology innovation, make full use of high-tech such as big data, blockchain, and cloud computing, and increase R & D efforts to effectively improve the efficiency of monitoring and supervision; the third is to establish a sense of crisis, good at finding breakthroughs in forest resource management innovation, and enhance their own service capabilities and levels; the fourth is to plan ahead and do a new round of forest land protection and utilization planning and forest management Technical preparation and preliminary work for programme preparation.