Fanguifu, China Banknote: China Banknote has launched two blockchain pilot projects

On the morning of December 26, the "2019 China Blockchain Technology and Industrial Development Forum · The Fourth Blockchain Development Conference" was held in Beijing. Fan Guifu, the party secretary and chairman of the Bank of China Credit Card, stated that on November 27 and 29 this year, Beijing and Zhejiang respectively launched six fintech application pilots. Among them, in response to the difficulties in financing small and medium-sized enterprises and the expensive financing, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange jointly declared with China Banknotes a “cross-border financial blockchain service platform”, and the verification time was reduced from 1 day to 20 minutes; as of December 5, The platform has already served 1662 enterprises; as of December 6, it has accessed more than 170 commercial banks, and the amount of loans has reached 66 billion yuan. In addition, China Banknote also cooperated with Hangzhou Bank and Huzhou Bank to declare a "financial and judicial blockchain collaborative platform".