Qingdao Daily Special Edition | Grab the scene of the "window period", Qingdao blockchain industry in progress

Source: Qingdao Daily , the original title "Hundreds of related companies have been gathered to form a" one bay and one center "industrial layout-Qingdao Blockchain Industry: Grab the" window period "of the scene landing"

Author: Journal of Qingdao / Qingdao view / Green reported net Reporter correspondent Zhang Yi Jing Huo Xia cavalry ZHANG Xu


With the deepening of "evangelism" in technology, in the past year, the domestic blockchain industry is undergoing a reversal from "blockchain +" to "+ blockchain", and the combination of technology and scenarios is moving from "adverse" to "surplus ".

At present, Qingdao has gathered more than 100 blockchain-related companies, combining the advantages of scenarios such as finance, shipping logistics, intelligent manufacturing, cultural tourism, etc., to form a "one bay, one center" blockchain industry structure. The first domestic blockchain test sandbox platform with big data support, the first domestic "blockchain + food safety quality in-depth traceability" solution, and the first domestic digital investment service platform for equity investment were successively launched.

For the Qingdao blockchain industry, the most important thing at present is to grab the "window period" of the blockchain's transition from virtual to real applications, and to combine the industry advantages to build application scenarios and quickly form a demonstration effect.

▲ In recent years, blockchain industry events have been held frequently in Qinghai. The picture shows the scene of the 2nd China "Chain Bay" Conference & Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Cross-Border Integration Summit held on January 12, 2019.

Industrial layout of "One Bay, One Center"

At the end of 2018, CCID (Qingdao) Blockchain Research Institute released the "Evaluation Report on the Development Level of China's Urban Blockchain", which included four key areas of China's 45 key cities in terms of policy environment, scientific research strength, industrial foundation, and capital support. The development level of the chain was evaluated, and Qingdao ranked eighth. In the opinion of the Executive Dean of Qingdao Chain and Bay Research Institute, although Qingdao needs to further solve problems in the blockchain application scenarios, funds, talents, etc., but in the entire blockchain industry's ecological construction, policy planning, expert gathering and resources In terms of reserves, it has been at the forefront of the country.

At present, people's perception of blockchain is gradually breaking away from the narrow category of digital currency. This technology, which is widely extended to the fields of fintech, supply chain management, and digital asset trading, has become a key position for cities and enterprises to compete. One of the important reasons for Qingdao to be at the forefront of the country is its early start.

On October 24th, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted the eighteenth collective study on the development status and trends of blockchain technology, emphasizing that the integrated application of blockchain technology plays an important role in new technological innovations and industrial changes. The blockchain seems to have ignited a "fire" for a while. In a short period of time, many cities have successively introduced relevant support policies and development strategies.

As early as two years ago, Qingdao launched the layout of the blockchain industry. At that time, blockchain was still a strange or questioned word for most people. In 2017, Shibei District issued the "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Blockchain Industry (Trial)", which put forward the work idea of ​​"first floor, first courtyard, five platforms, and ten applications", and planned to build a blockchain industry ecosystem. Project "Chain Bay"; In 2018, the Qingdao Municipal Government issued the "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Cultivation and Promotion of the" Five "High Standards to Establish a Famous Chinese Software City", including blockchain in key areas, and proposed to break through core technologies and promote demonstration Application, build industrial clusters, take the lead in promoting the industrialization of blockchain technology in China.

Another important reason why Qingdao "walks in the forefront of the country" is the combination of its own industrial advantages and the realization of the blockchain industry cluster in the region. At present, Qingdao has attracted more than a hundred blockchain-related companies to settle down. Most of them are concentrated in "Chain Bay" and Qingdao Fintech Center, forming an industrial layout of "One Bay and One Center".

Among them, "Chain Bay" has attracted more than 70 blockchain application companies such as Bubi, Yinuo Finance, QiaoChain Technology, etc., bringing together more than 150 domestic and foreign experts in the field of blockchain such as Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Zheng Jianhua and Professor Chen Dongmin of Peking University. . As an industry incubation carrier and innovation ecology, it was included in the Digital Shandong Development Plan (2018-2022).

The Qingdao Fintech Center in Laoshan District, relying on the CCID (Qingdao) Blockchain Research Institute, has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Institute of Technology and Standards of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology to establish a Fintech Evaluation Center and a National Fintech Lab. Introduce blockchain-related companies such as Barter Cloud Blockchain, Upswing Dingcheng, Yongnuo Information Technology, and Shengxintong.

It is worth noting that, as the two main positions of the Qingdao blockchain industry, one “one bay and one center” is located in the home port area of ​​Qingdao Cruise, and the other is located in Qingdao Jinjialing Financial Concentration Area. According to industry analysts from the island city, the four fields of finance, shipping logistics, intelligent manufacturing, and cultural tourism are the most advantageous blockchain application scenarios in Qingdao compared with other cities, and these scenarios have dense layouts in the above two regions.

▲ Qingdao Science and Technology Financial Center is one of the blockchain industry gathering areas. Photo by Liu Dong

"Blockchain +" Speeds Up Landing

In recent days, Liu Hongtao, chairman of Qingdao Flash Payment Information Technology Co., Ltd., has been busy preparing for the on-chain ceremony of the "Chain Win Golden Branch" alliance on December 26. Just last month, Qingdao Metro Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd. opened a new factoring business model based on this alliance chain, and cooperated with Qilu Bank to issue a factoring fund of 500,000 yuan.

"We apply blockchain as the underlying technology to the supply chain financial platform, and the platform's business data is uploaded in real time to ensure that the information generation, storage, circulation, and analysis process is credible, effective, and transparent." Liu Hongtao introduced, led by R & D The "Chain Win Golden Branch" alliance chain has deployed blockchain nodes for Qingdao Metro, Qilu Bank, New Hope Liuhe, West Coast Development Group and other enterprises. There are 1,300 registered companies on the chain, with a cumulative transaction volume of more than 10.9 billion yuan.

"The fabric is pure cotton, the origin is Dunhuang, Gansu, and it uses a chemical-free printing and dyeing process …" Based on the Haier clothing online platform, consumers who purchase baby clothing can scan the exclusive two-dimensional code generated on the blockchain by clothing to obtain Information on raw materials, processes, designs, brands, etc. of the blockchain certificate.

"When buying clothes, we are most concerned about clothing brands and quality. However, consumers often cannot obtain detailed information about the authenticity of the brand and the country of origin of the clothing. In response to this 'pain point', Haier Clothing Network applies blockchain technology A clothing traceability system has been created so that each piece of clothing has an exclusive identity card. "The provider of this technology, Leng Heli, chairman of Qingdao Haichain Digital Technology Co., Ltd., told reporters that relying on blockchain technology, Haieryi's networking platform It not only allows consumers to obtain real information on garment inspection, delivery, entering stores, etc., but also brings a 26% increase in sales to the partner's British children's clothing. At the recently held 2020 China Industrial Blockchain Summit, this application was rated as an "industrial blockchain application example."

The "Chain Win Golden Branch" alliance chain and HaiChain are both domestic blockchain information service projects filed in the National Cyberspace Information Office, and Qingdao is also in the "blockchain + supply chain finance" and "blockchain + product traceability" fields. Typical practitioner.

2019 is called the "first year of application" of blockchain technology by many in the industry. From a nationwide perspective, Qingdao was one of the first cities to deploy and practice "blockchain +". As early as September 2017, the China "Chain Bay" Conference was held in Qing Dynasty, and it proposed to build the "Chain Bay" located in the home port area of ​​Qingdao Cruise Line into an open "blockchain +" innovative application base.

After more than two years of industrial energy storage, the current Qingdao blockchain industry is "opening up" multiple application scenarios-Shangjiang Intelligent Technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. has incorporated blockchain technology into the airport SMS system for To improve the security and reliability of airport information, it has continued to operate safely at Qingdao Liuting International Airport; CCB Qingdao Branch has experimented with rubber trade in the bonded area as a pilot, and has cooperated with multiple parties to create a "blockchain + Internet of Things" full-process intelligent supervision model. Over 55 million yuan of financing has been issued for rubber traders in Qingdao, and has been selected as an excellent case in China's logistics and supply chain; the Bubbi network technology introduced by Qingdao provides real-name authentication, asset management, and online for all participants based on real trade background and core corporate credit Functions such as financing have produced multiple application cases in Huaxia Bank, Foxconn, Sinotrans Logistics, etc …

As of now, Qingdao blockchain industry application scenarios have covered areas such as supply chain management, supply chain finance, digital platforms for equity investment, quality traceability management, sharing economy, new energy, and smart agriculture.

▲ "Chain Bay" located in the home port area of ​​Qingdao International Cruise.

Give play to platform effect and establish ecological model

The disruptive value of the blockchain is not in the technology itself, but in the consensus mechanism based on the participation of multiple parties, which promotes the superposition of blockchain technology and new ecological models and creates new production relationships. Because of this, platforms are critical to fostering the value of this industry.

Whether it is "Chain Bay" or Qingdao Financial Technology Center, its main function is to build a platform for the industry, cultivate links, expand, and integrate resources. In addition, Qingdao has also held two “Chain Bay” conferences in China since 2017 to build a communication platform for blockchain researchers and entrepreneurs at home and abroad, and has registered and established the Qingdao Blockchain Industry Chamber of Commerce, covering Beijing and Shanghai. China ’s Blockchain City Alliance in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and other cities, relying on the CCID (Qingdao) Blockchain Research Institute, led the establishment of the China Blockchain with more than 200 blockchain upstream and downstream units nationwide Ecological Alliance.

While giving play to the platform effect, relevant supporting policies are also being accelerated. Recently, Shibei District has allocated more than 1.78 million yuan in special support funds to 10 companies including Qingdao Boshland IOT Technology Co., Ltd., Haichuang Chain (Qingdao) Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Asia Digital Technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. In order to promote the innovative application of the core technology of the blockchain, Shibei District rewards blockchain companies for the incorporation of carriers, listing and listing, achievement transformation and talent introduction, with a single reward of up to 5 million yuan. In addition, Laoshan District has also completed the formulation of the "Three-year Action Plan for the Development of the Blockchain Industry (2020-2022)."

At the city level, since this year, Qingdao has launched 15 offensive combat programs. Among them, in the battle plan for the construction of the Qingdao International Shipping Trade Finance Innovation Center, it is explicitly proposed to promote the use of information technology such as blockchain, create intelligent shipping, and build a modern shipping service information support platform for Qingdao International Shipping Center; The application of block chain technology will accelerate the construction of "chain bays", promote industrial agglomeration, and promote the transformation and transformation of Dagang area. The "high-end manufacturing + artificial intelligence" offensive will also strengthen the application of the blockchain in the industrial field and create a high-level Chinese software famous city as one of the tasks.

The relevant staff of the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau stated that the next step will be to implement and service the relevant policy planning, support and cultivate the development of the blockchain industry, rely on the blockchain research institute and industrial base, and build a good industrial ecology. Strengthen the leading advantages of the industry and promote the healthy and rapid development of the blockchain industry in Qingdao.

(Qingdao Daily / Qingdao Guan / Qingbao Daily reporter Huo Wei correspondent Zhang Tieqi Zhang Xuxia)

During the Qingdao blockchain industry

2016 year

In October, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the "China Blockchain Technology and Application Development White Paper", which for the first time proposed a roadmap for China's blockchain standardization. Qingdao's blockchain research and industrial layout began immediately. In December of the same year, Shibei District began to plan and build a "Chain Bay" blockchain industrial ecological construction project.

2017 year

In July, Shibei District issued the "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Blockchain Industry (Trial)", put forward the work idea of ​​"one floor, one courtyard, five platforms, and ten applications", and planned and constructed a blockchain industry ecological project "Chain Bay".

In September, Laoshan District introduced the CCID (Qingdao) Blockchain Research Institute initiated by the China Electronics and Information Industry Development Research Institute directly under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, dedicated to the development of blockchain alliances, standard formulation, talent training, publicity, and resources. Docking, public services, etc.

On September 12th, China's "Chain Bay" Conference and the Blockchain Industry Cooperation Annual Meeting were held in Qinghai. The theme of the meeting was "Focus on the development of the blockchain industry and build a new financial center in the chain bay". Nearly 300 guests attended. Global blockchain policies, development trends, cooperation models, solutions and other topics were in-depth communication and discussions. At the meeting, a "Chain Bay" white paper and a blockchain supervision sandbox application demonstration base and "Chain Bay Qingdao Declaration" were released.

2018 year

In February, the Shandong Provincial Government released the Digital Shandong Development Plan (2018-2022), which proposed to build a blockchain public service platform in Qingdao to provide blockchain application testing, industry incubation, and qualification support services.

In June, the Qingdao Municipal Government issued the "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Cultivation and Promotion of the" Five "High Standards to Establish a Famous Chinese Software City", which included the blockchain as a key area of ​​the city's software information service industry development, and proposed to break through core technologies and promote demonstration Application, build industrial clusters, take the lead in promoting the industrialization of blockchain technology in China.

On December 7, the 2018 China Blockchain Ecological Construction Summit kicked off in Laoshan. More than 400 people from well-known experts in the field of domestic blockchain and related persons from enterprises such as Alibaba Cloud, Baidu, and Huawei attended the conference. At the meeting, the only training and education center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in the country settled in Laoshan, and 12 blockchain companies including Hangzhou Chain Drive Technology Co., Ltd. signed a contract in Laoshan.

At the end of December, CCID (Qingdao) Blockchain Research Institute released the "China Urban Blockchain Development Level Evaluation Report", Qingdao ranked eighth. According to the research results of the CCID (Qingdao) Blockchain Research Institute, there are four major blockchain industry clusters in the country, and Qingdao is an important support for the Bohai Rim blockchain cluster industry cluster.


On January 12, the 2nd China "Chain Bay" Conference and the Cross-Border Integration Summit of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence were held in Qingdao Chain Bay Building. The conference released the "China Chain Bay White Paper 2.0". China Chain Bay Chain Reform Comprehensive Experimental Zone, Xidian University-Blockchain and Security Computing Lab, Sinochem Energy Technology-Blockchain Joint Lab were settled in Shibei District.

On the same day, Qingdao Chain and Bay Research Institute initiated the China Chain and Bay Blockchain City Alliance, and the Hong Kong Blockchain Industry Association and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Blockchain Alliance joined nearly 20 institutions to jointly build a blockchain test platform. Create a blockchain + real economy innovation model.

On April 9, the key laboratory of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Blockchain Technology and Data Security was unveiled for the first time with the "Blockchain Technology Application Jimo Practice Base" established in cooperation with local governments.

In August, Qingdao's "Offensive Operational Plan for the Construction of an International Shipping Trade Finance Innovation Center (2019-2022)" and "" High-end Manufacturing + Artificial Intelligence "Offensive Operational Plan" were successively released, proposing to promote the use and construction of information technology such as blockchain Qingdao International Shipping Center's modern shipping service information support platform; promotes the application of blockchain technology and accelerates the construction of "chain bays"; strengthens the application of blockchain and other information technologies in the industrial field, and creates a high-level city with Chinese software characteristics.

On September 30, "Shibei District Blockchain Industry Development Measures (Trial)" was issued to support the cluster development of blockchain enterprises and reward blockchain enterprises.

On November 28, Qingdao Blockchain Industry Chamber of Commerce was established in Chain Bay.

On December 26, the 2019 Blockchain Technology and Industry Innovation and Development Summit opened at the Qingdao International Conference Center. The summit was hosted by the Qingdao Municipal Government and China Electronics and Information Industry Development Research Institute. Through this event, the upstream and downstream cooperation in the blockchain industry was promoted. In combination with the current development status of the blockchain industry, it promotes the implementation of blockchain technology transformation.

(Qingdao Daily / Qingdao Guan / Qingbao Daily reporter Huo Hu finishing)