Deputy Dean of Supreme Law: Actively Exploring Ways and Means to Use Blockchain Technology to Improve the Accuracy of Fact Findings in Cases

According to the Beijing News, on December 26, the Supreme People's Court held a press conference to announce the "Decision of the Supreme People's Court on Amendments" to amend, improve and supplement the contents of the original "Provisions on Civil Evidence." The relevant person in charge of the Supreme Law said that in recent years, with the advancement of information technology, people's behavior has gradually changed from "offline" to "online", and the evidence in lawsuits has increasingly been presented in the form of electronic data. In particular, the rapid development of new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and blockchain has provided a new perspective on the application of the rules of civil evidence and brought new challenges. The People's Court of the Supreme People's Court, Changjiang Bixin, said that people's courts at all levels must pay close attention to the impact of new information technology on civil trials, strengthen research on the application of electronic data rules, and actively explore the use of blockchain technology to improve the accuracy of case facts. New methods and methods, and continuously improve the capacity and level of civil trials.