JD.com releases group standards for "Blockchain Logistics Tracking Service Application Guide"

Babbitt reported on the spot that on December 26, the China Blockchain Technology and Industry Development Forum hosted by the China Electronics Standardization Institute was held in Beijing. At the meeting, Cong Qing, the blockchain leader of the 2025 laboratory of JD Logistics Technology Development Department, issued the group standard of "Blockchain Logistics Tracking Service Application Guide". Cong Qing said that the logistics tracking process needs to meet four principles, namely: 1. Traceability principle: the entire process of parcel logistics tracking data storage certificate, the transfer of vouchers included in the logistics transfer process, support for third-party supervision Certificate storage interface; 2. Uniqueness principle: Each package has a unique package tracking code, and all participants in the logistics tracking service can identify and be compatible with or use this code; 3. Data privacy protection principles: The nodes participating in the logistics tracking service should To protect the privacy of personal data, logistics tracking information should not include sensitive information related to goods and customers; 4. Regulatory and compliance principles: meet the express waybill and electronic data management system.