Shenzhen BGI released team standards for "Blockchain Gene Data Service Application Guide"

On the morning of December 26, the "2019 China Blockchain Technology and Industrial Development Forum · The Fourth Blockchain Development Conference" was held in Beijing. Li Shisen, the product manager of Shenzhen Huada Gene Blockchain, released the "Blockchain Gene Data Service Application Guide" team standard. The gene data service application framework involves six processes: collection of sequencing samples, sequencing to generate genetic data, genetic data pre-processing, genetic data analysis / storage / transmission / destroy, genetic data application, and genetic data service application third-party verification. Li Shisen added that the application of genetic data services also needs to follow four principles: first, according to the principle of legal compliance, and local regulations; second, the principle of hierarchical authorization, which should consider the source of genetic data samples and the information carried at different points in the genetic data. The degree of privacy, the degree of sensitivity of genetic data to national security, the purpose and scope of application of genetic data; the third is the principle of traceability throughout the process, the entire process is documented, and between a single genetic data file and multiple genetic data files Mutual conversion; the fourth is the principle of high data security.