I have lived in Australia for 7 years. Where did the former Ali programmer talk about the gap between China and Australia?

Let's first look at a picture from a 2009 Sohu report.

Twenty years ago, Deng Xiaoping visited the ten-year scientific and technological achievements exhibition held by the Shanghai Exhibition Hall.

Twenty years later, we changed the keyword "computer" to "blockchain", and the words and expressions spoken by Comrade Xiaoping were still vocal.

Today, the trend of distributed computing is vast, not driven by any company or collective will, under the circumstance of economic law driving and cryptography, the original assets of human collaboration power, and the guarantee of compliance (trusted computing and Encrypted assets smart contract control), have already reached the horsepower, to embark on the high-speed lane of encryption to centralize the economy.

I am a bit of a glimpse of the Australian mainland, seeing from Sun's "one-time compilation, running everywhere" Java macros are booming, to the company to invest in the public cloud cloud private cloud, to now looming decentralized computing Blockchain . There is only one purpose behind these changes—what technology can reduce costs and improve the efficiency of economic collaboration, and it will be universal.

In this article, I would like to make a brief introduction to the blockchain community in Sydney and other Australian cities, hoping to help Chinese developers know themselves and understand the global blockchain technology and developer status . At the same time, it also promotes exchanges between China and Australia.

舅舅 influenced three generations

Before I start the content of the Australian blockchain, I would like to briefly introduce my own situation.

In the 1980s, my aunt began to talk to people around me about "whatever the computer can do." Looking back now, my amnesty should be regarded as the first generation of computer experts trained in China.

At that time, although we all seemed to understand, but my mother listened to the big words, I began to practice, from the abacus financial era to the accounting computerization, and then told us these words and actively influenced us. In the end, our three generations were all connected to computers.

From the era of mainframes, I have experienced personal computers and then the era of distributed free cloud computing. It can be said that Daxie has affected our family for three generations.

After I arrived in Australia, I often participated in some local Meetups and got a lot of benefits. Next, I will share some of the Australian developer circle.

Just ask the community organizations that don’t ask for the harvest

For Australians who are keen on party gatherings, gourmets, and like to get together and strangers networking, there is no more technical communication than Meetup (technical party). After work, drinking beer and listening to the big coffee to share technical experience or discuss industry trends, a lot of gains.

Most importantly, this is a way of technology popularization. Many outsiders understand the advanced financial, programming or other technologies in this way. After understanding, they can use their own work. Some people even gradually get deeper and deeper, and even change careers.

Generally, Meetup is selected at 6 or 7 pm. Where IT companies are concentrated, more pizzas are served. The most important thing is to have beer . The venue and pizza are basically sponsored by enthusiastic community leaders. Meetup probably consists of 3-4 sessions, starting with a half-hour topical seminar or salon discussion.

Significant "free beer pizza" word in the Security Token regulation special party poster

The largest in the blockchain field is the Blockchain party of Adina, which is about 3,000 spectators.

The longest, I am afraid, is Bobby's Ethereum Ethereum workshop. So far, it has been run more than 120 games. In the early days, Bobby (a pseudonym, the same below) was alone . Now, as the community grows, he still participates every time. . I can see his unpaid effort, but he can also see his great influence in the etheric community. It can be said that if you have not seen Bobby and have not heard the technical secrets of his selfless sharing, you can't say that you are in the chain of Sydney .

In 2019, Bobby shared a distributed exchange that he developed and operated for several years at a development conference of hundreds of people.

It can be said that Bobby, Adina and other silent technology development leaders and community organizers have driven the solid footsteps of the Australian blockchain.

Australian chain of all living beings

60-year-old entrepreneur

Key is 60 years old and has retired. He has worked on several companies himself. After the insurance company he founded was acquired by a large company, he has achieved the small goal of wealth freedom .

However, Key is very strange, and he is retreating. Looking for a group of people, decided to catch the ICO boom, and then do a chain of insurance companies.

The helpless team was slow to run, and did not keep up with the fast pace of the chain. The white paper was too late to come out. One more, really want to integrate the business and blockchain, and a lot of pits. It’s really hard to do things like him’s bragging skills or lack of technical reserves.

Old driver of the .com era

Sitting next to me, a colleague Johnny, is very old and works hard. Every day, "this is a bubble" hits us with these cryptocurrent believers. However, when he said this, it was just a few months from the bitcoin 20,000 dollar bull market to the bear market.

When we were mining cards and new leeks bragging the cows, he poured cold water on the side: "This is the reappearance of the .com bubble I experienced. You will see it when the bubble bursts."

As a result, the best buddy who is closely related to us is the "red neck" (the white man on the ground). It is really a new leek at the high point, and I bought Ripple in a million dollars, and I was covered with no money to make up the position (unlike The old leeks, Ripple bottom warehouse was free of charge that year, and the flat can still kneel down).

Mike, who is also a colleague of my company, the second generation of the Caribbean, laughs and laughs all the time, doing market. One day I told us to leave, first go abroad to play a circle, then listen to Johnny that he went to Hav*n (Australia's largest ICO, doing financial remittance).

Johnny said disdainfully, don't go to get Token. I saw the stocks flickering in the .com era. Later, there were more people in the bamboo baskets. I only recognize cash, and I don't want to give me any tokens.

After more than a year, watching Mike’s circle of friends did change jobs. It seems that Hav*n’s development is not very good. Maybe it’s too fast to do things? After all, it is said that only a team that does not do things without burning money (and high-priced fa coins) can survive.

The lawyer also came to kick

In the gathering of the technical circle, the guests often have a group of handsome men and women in suits and dresses, which are quite eye-catching. They are not from big companies, but lawyers who work in the blockchain direction.

For these people, I am really optimistic about them. As a liberal arts background, they judge that their careers will eventually be replaced by smart contracts. This is like saying that our programmers will not be replaced, and that they will be surpassed by machines.

They make full use of their professional ability to accumulate, help the encryption economy to develop better in the sun earlier and better, and to better update the legal profession and other industries. At the same time as being a post-wave, it is also brewing a bigger post-wave that will push away this wave.

Programming starts from the doll

In a variety of programming contests and blockchain competitions for working people, there is a group of people who are 10 years old and still in elementary school, but they have been skilled in applying EthereumAPI to add virtual coins to their own games. Economic incentives .

In a contest, I met Kennny, a genius of Southeast Asian overseas Chinese. The 20-year-old university just graduated, and underestimated the first prize in the competition . I am optimistic that he will become a young pillar like Ali Star, and is distributing him to China's 996.

The use of cryptocurrency is very common in Australia

In Sydney's living quarters, there are still many places to accept cryptocurrency payments, such as bitcoin stores at local train stations, there are bitcoin cash machines:

There are also some enthusiasts who hold their own Crypto Run, running through every bitcoin merchant, paying attention to the Bitcoin small lightbox on the door.

Look at the differences in blockchain education at home and abroad

Being in Australia and New Zealand, with a careful organization of industry norms and self-discipline, a friendly but rigorous regulatory environment, the three generations of age-old gender-free IT environment, is a blessing to those who join the blockchain.

Born in China, you can witness the rise of miners, Chinese developers, and conscientious work teams. Seeing that the technical people can protect themselves under the protection of 996 , without fear of the system, and the aunt’s funds and the pyramidal chain of the pyramids, they will kill one. Bloody roads are even more precious treasures!

Take the R&D and activities of some DAG communities I participated in as an example. As a blockchain that is not restricted by national boundaries and is naturally free to love, the developers of a project are free to enter and exit, but in fact they can basically persist in deep cultivation. Development, front-end, miners' organizations from different countries such as China, Australia and Europe, loose but rhythmic collaboration, technical gatherings from various countries, online multi-country discussions, within the limits of what we can, not ICO cutting leeks, promoting PoW-based Technological innovation.

If the blockchain is backed by the underlying technology of the century-old plan, there is no need for quick success. Analogy is developed in foreign programming education, and values ​​drive the society. Parents lead by example and actively participate in social activities (such as organizing technical gatherings). Primary and middle school students do not learn programming for further studies and competitions, but “how can I do this, how can I do it? Helping the people around you" is the original intention . At least we must consider fostering a sustainable long-term learning culture where parents can see results.

If someone asks me, why are you optimistic about blockchain and decentralized computing (note that decentralized computing, not distributed computing, nor decentralized management, figure out the difference between the three for understanding the blockchain Crucial). My answer is 5G and the Internet of Things . According to IOT ANALYTICS, there are about 8.3 billion IOT devices in 2019, and there will be about 21.5 billion in 2025.

In 2020, the average number of smart devices connected to each household in developed countries will reach 50. Together with industrial interconnected smart devices, unmanned vehicles, drones, etc. , there is no doubt that the number of smart devices will be staggering.

The question now is how to use the data generated by these smart connected devices, how to make these devices belonging to millions and tens of millions of different groups work together, and blockchain technology is becoming a very probable solution. .

In this respect, in fact, developed countries such as the United Kingdom have already begun preparations. For example, in the UK, the Raspberry Pi has been applied to children's programming training early on. Now the performance of this credit card-sized single-chip computer is getting stronger and stronger. More and more applications are being applied to educational children's various programming projects, and we think this will be a future.

In the face of AI and Blockchain, are we embracing or castration, and the choices are really right, in front of each reader's own, is it rushing to the waves like Gates, Ma Yun, Sun Zheng to find a bloody road? Still follow the crowd and enjoy the success.

Regarding this issue, each individual, every company, organization, or government can make its own choices. It is a history that the money management agency has taken over the personal property. The god of mathematical law attracted by the Nakamoto team is guiding the future direction under the support of silicon crystal.

* About the author:

Xue Yuan , who was interested in mining in 2011, accidentally entered the chain and became an early supporter of distributed cryptocurrency. Before the All-in blockchain in 2018, he served as an expert in Alibaba analysis, WWS data scientist, and manager of CCNSW analysis department. Amateur guides home children programming (Python, Tinker), 9-year-old Mia FutureEngineer scholarship.

Ben Liu , Ph.D., CSIRO Federal Institute of Science and Technology, Executive Secretary of the Australian New Zealand Digital Assets Association.


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