Coinbase CEO tweets 6 suspicious comments on YouTube incident, saying crypto is big opportunity for journalism

On December 26, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong tweeted six tweets about the relationship between the media and society. He suspected of commenting on the recent YouTube deletion of encrypted video. Brian Armstrong said that when reading negative news about social media, one needs to consider whether the news source has a conflict of interest. Since the Craiglist period, traditional media have witnessed a decline in their trust and authority as they use their views to try to stop the tide (and become radical in the process). High-quality journalism plays an important role in society. He also pointed out that this is an exciting opportunity to find new business models and provide funding for great journalism to reverse the trend. At the same time, he predicts this opportunity and Cryptocurrencies are related. Globally, it makes it easier for the general public to pay for news. The right team can seize this important opportunity.