He Baohong, China Academy of Information and Communication Technology: The idealism of the blockchain is still strong

According to the Beijing News, on December 26, He Baohong, director of the Institute of Cloud Computing and Big Data of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, said at the ICT China ICT In-depth Observation Conference on 2020 that the idealism of blockchain is still strong, such as Go to the center. He Baohong said that the traditional definition of asset privacy, account interoperability, and asset confidentiality are the requirements of the Commercial Banking Law. He said: "Blockchain says that account numbers are transparent and assets are transparent, because anti-counterfeiting must be reflected in different ways. Between accounts, because assets are kept secret, the blockchain is a reversal of the definition of privacy, which will directly affect the current regulations and laws. "Talking about the application scenarios of blockchain, He Baohong pointed out that the current application of blockchain There are many scenarios, such as invoices. However, when cross-departmental and cross-domain, multiple runs (or) cause uncontrollable data problems. In order to avoid data "runs", data must be controlled and managed.