11 companies such as Matrix, Moline Technology jointly launched a blockchain module alliance

On December 25th, at the "Internet of Things + Blockchain Joint Innovation Center 2019 Industrial Ecology Salon" co-sponsored by Wanxiang Blockchain and China Unicom Internet of Things, Guanghetong, Quectel, Smart Intelligent, and Proper 11 companies, including 9 domestic mainstream module manufacturers, such as Technology, SIMCom, Gaoxing IoT, Mobilecore Communications, Lierda, Shanghai Grid, Matrix, and Motorlink Technology, jointly launched the block In the future, the Chain Module Alliance will be dedicated to the independent research and development of end-to-end blockchain technology, as well as the application exploration of rich industry scenarios, to truly realize the beautiful vision of "the future of smart chains and the growth of all things" in the 5G era. At the conference, Wanxiang Blockchain, China Unicom Internet of Things and Guoke Chengtai also announced that they will jointly create a "smart animal husbandry public service ecological platform", and Xinrong Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Technology will be the first demonstration partners.