Babbitt launches 丨 Industrial blockchain heats up, cloud elephant receives tens of millions of yuan A ++ round of financing

On December 26, Babbitt learned that the Cloud Elephant Blockchain announced today that it has completed tens of millions of yuan in A ++ rounds.

This is the second financing completed by Yunxiang Blockchain in 2019. It is also the first domestic blockchain technology service provider to obtain financing after the "10.24 Speech". So far, the Cloud Elephant Blockchain has received a total of 5 rounds of financing since its establishment, with a total financing amount of more than 200 million yuan.

Cloud Elephant founder Dr. Huang Butian said:

"This round of financing will help Yunxiang further maintain the continuous innovation advantages of original technology, consolidate Yunxiang's leading position on the blockchain 'track', and help Yunxiang continue to expand more application scenarios and accelerate the promotion of blockchain-enabled entities economic."

Yunxiang Blockchain was established in 2014.The company is headquartered in Hangzhou and is positioned as a blockchain infrastructure service provider. Babbitt has reported many times before. The main products of Yunxiang Blockchain include the blockchain infrastructure Yunphant Chain, the blockchain operation and maintenance management platform Yunphant BaaS, the developer platform Developer Platform, and the cloud box blockchain open platform. There are mature solutions in digital depository, trade finance, equity trading, issuance and supervision, supply chain finance, asset securitization and other scenarios.

In the case of landing, Yunxiang contracted the construction of the Blockchain Domestic Letter of Credit Transmission System (BCLC), the Blockchain Forfaiting Trading Platform (BCFT), and the first blockchain project of the Zhejiang Provincial Key R & D Plan-Blockchain-based Technical achievements trading platform. Among them, the total transaction amount of the blockchain Forfaiting trading platform exceeds 50 billion yuan. The main customers of Yunxiang are financial users such as banks. Partners include Minsheng Bank, China Everbright Bank, Bank of China, China CITIC Bank, Industrial Bank, Zhejiang Financial Assets Trading Center, Zhejiang Intellectual Property Trading Center, Inspur Group, etc. Well-known institutions.

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(Case study of Yunxiang Blockchain landing)

After the blockchain technology was confirmed by the highest level of the country as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technology on October 24 this year, the industry has set off a wave of blockchain applications. According to Deng Xu, the co-founder of Yunxiang Blockchain, in an interview with the media, Yunxiang ’s previously connected blockchain business from the government and large enterprises such as state-owned enterprises and central enterprises has begun to accelerate, and new orders have started to increase sharply. .

At the same time, more and more funds and investors are focusing on the blockchain. As a representative of the domestic top blockchain companies, Yunxiang naturally has also received the attention of capital, receiving dozens of capital investment intentions in less than a week.

After the financing, Deng Xu said,

"We will be more confident to seize the historical opportunity for blockchain to upgrade to the national strategy, increase investment in technology and products, increase sales and implementation delivery capabilities, and continue to maintain and expand the company's The core competitive advantage of the industry is to create a world-class blockchain benchmarking company. "

It is understood that the business volume of Yunxiang continues to grow rapidly. The company has branches in Shanghai, Ningbo, and Beijing. The operating income has basically achieved the breakeven. It is expected that the profit target will be achieved next year.

However, with the entry of more startups and Internet giants, competition in the industry is inevitable. In this regard, Huang Butian believes that the team has a deep understanding of the business scene of the financial industry, can coordinate business entities to participate in the design of business governance models, and has the ability to complete the financial technology process.

Huang Butian said that the current blockchain still has a lot of work to do in terms of technology and landing. Technically, building a scalable blockchain infrastructure with security and privacy will be the key to the application of industrial blockchains. At the same time, in the process of landing, it is necessary to break the original business model and coordinate the participation of multiple agents in collaboration. Will bring uncertainties to the scene landing process.

Talking about the development of industrial blockchain, Huang Butian believes that further changes will occur in the industrial blockchain:

Technically, in the future, industrial blockchain will be applied on a large scale, and the integration of alliance chain and public chain technology is an inevitable trend. Creating a scalable and secure privacy blockchain infrastructure will be the key to the application of industrial blockchain. At the business level, industrial blockchain application scenarios are becoming more diversified, and enterprise-level Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platforms will be applied on a large scale to help companies quickly deploy and build their own blockchain services, creating an ecosystem of corporate scenarios.