Media: Symposium on cleaning up bitcoin mines in Ganzi Prefecture

According to the upstream news, on December 26, relevant personnel of the Ganzi Prefecture Economic Information Bureau responsible for the "wide state bitcoin mine cleanup workshop" said that the originally scheduled meeting on December 25 had been postponed to December 27 Held on. Regarding whether the Bitcoin mine in Ganzi Prefecture will be fully retired, the staff member said that there is currently no "full retreat of the mine". The relevant forum was only to listen to all parties including hydropower companies and Bitcoin mine owners. Participants commented, "It is definitely not a one-size-fits-all shutdown." Prior to this news, on December 24, the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture issued a notice that "Our State is actively doing a good job in meeting winter peak power requirements." The notice shows that the work includes the implementation of power restriction measures, the introduction of the "Working Plan for the Cleaning and Remediation of the Bitcoin Mine in Ganzi Prefecture", regulating the direct power supply behavior of power companies, and urging power generation companies to prioritize the protection of unified adjustment indicators and social power supply during the dry season.