Taiwan's "Legislative Committee" member Xu Yiren: 2019 will be a new era of securities-based token development

According to Knowing News, on April 25th, the World Blockchain Summit was held in New Taipei, Taiwan. Taiwan’s “Legislative Committee” member Xu Yiren said at the meeting that 2019 will be a new era for the development of securities-based tokens (STO). After the previous ICO bubble stage, many good and powerful projects have also persisted. Regardless of whether it is ICO or STO, the key to its success lies in governance and development. According to the current regulations issued by the FSC, STO will adopt the grading supervision standard, with a fund-raising amount of 30 million yuan as the limit, and the amount raised. Under 30 million yuan, it can be exempted according to Article 22 of the Securities Exchange Law; if it exceeds 30 million yuan, it must go into the sandbox experiment and then discuss the details. Xu Yiren believes that only raising the amount of funds raised, not limiting the fundraising target, Opening up a diversified fundraising and trading platform, opening up bidding transactions, and relaxing the restrictions on the platform operators will make the STO fundraising market and related industries truly flourish. Xu said that Taiwan wants to stand on the world stage again. Opportunity is to become a pioneer in blockchain reform, attract local investment environment, and apply the industry. So he also Future legislation and resorted to industrial development, Taiwan can really complete the block chain ecosystem.