Sichuan Ganzi shut down bitcoin mines? Officials say it ’s just collecting opinions, not everything

Upstream journalist Hu Lei

Source: Upstream News

Beginning on December 24, a forum notice from the Office of the People's Government of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province has aroused attention in the bitcoin industry, and the "full shutdown of bitcoin mines" has become a key word.

On December 26, upstream news reporters learned from the Ganzi Prefecture Economic and Information Department that the related meeting originally scheduled for December 25 has been postponed to the 27th. The purpose of the meeting was to collect opinions from all parties on the cleanup of the Bitcoin mine. It's definitely not a one-size-fits-all shutdown. "

The rich hydropower resources in Ganzi Prefecture made it a bitcoin mine with huge power consumption, and was once awarded the title of "World Mining Capital".

▲ “Notice of Symposium on Bitcoin Mine Cleanup Work” in Ganzi Prefecture that aroused widespread concern. Pictures from the web

Previously, the upstream news reported several times that Ganzi Prefecture has regulated the Bitcoin mine in 2018 in the name of cleaning up unapproved illegal buildings and controlling noise pollution. Kangding Municipal Government's deputy leader once told upstream reporters that the Bitcoin mining machine does not have any taxes or other fees paid locally, but a large number of external machine maintenance personnel, the wires that are pulled in the mine and the noise and Heat has a huge impact on law and order, fire protection and the environment.

Ganzi locally believes that in addition to the local electricity consumption, the Bitcoin mine does not have any economic contributions such as taxation and employment, but instead brings certain security risks.

On May 28 this year, the relevant person in charge of the Economic and Information Bureau of Kangding City said in an interview with Sichuan media that Ganzi Prefecture does not allow bitcoin mining. Do data surveys and make decisions. "

At present, Ganzi Prefecture is in a dry season and power resources are relatively tight. Many bitcoin companies have moved away from Ganzi Prefecture and moved to areas where thermal power is concentrated.

On December 24, a job information released by the Ganzi Prefecture Government website has aroused attention: The message issued by the Ganzi Prefecture Government Office, “Our State is Actively Doing a Good Job in the Winter Warranty”, clearly states, “The introduction of the "Crypto-Mineral Farm Work Plan" regulates the direct power supply behavior of electric power enterprises ". What exactly is the content of the work plan has aroused many concerns.

▲ Bitcoin mines located in the deep mountains and rivers of the western Sichuan plateau are marked by rows of industrial exhaust fans. Photography / upstream journalist Hu Lei

At the same time, a notice of the meeting, which was raised by the Ganzi State Government Office, pushed the industry's concerns to the top. The webcast conference notice shows that at 9 am on December 25th, the "Zhengzhou Bitcoin Mine Cleanup Work Symposium" will be held in the conference room on the sixth floor of the Ganzi State Government to listen to suggestions and suggestions on the cleanup of the Bitcoin Mine in Ganzi. The meeting included the leaders and heads of the Ganzi government, and a number of Bitcoin mining operators in Ganzi were also required to attend. Some commentators believe that this is a signal that Ganzi Prefecture has completely retired the Bitcoin mine.

The upstream news reporter learned that "the introduction of the" Work Plan for the Cleaning and Remediation of the Bitcoin Mine in Ganzi Prefecture "" is part of Ganzi Prefecture's efforts to protect the power in winter and focus on protecting electricity for people's livelihood.

On December 26, relevant personnel of the Ganzi Prefecture Economic Information Bureau, who was responsible for the "wide state bitcoin mine cleanup workshop," told upstream journalists that the originally scheduled meeting on December 25 had been postponed to December 27. Held. Regarding whether the Bitcoin mine in Ganzi Prefecture will be fully retired, the staff member said that there is currently no "full retreat of the mine". The relevant forum was only to listen to all parties including hydropower companies and Bitcoin mine owners. Participants commented, "It is definitely not a one-size-fits-all shutdown."