Economic Observer: After Bitcoin returns to $5,000, the blockchain industry begins to explore 2B business

On April 26, the Economic Observer reported that in April, the price of Bitcoin returned to $5,000. A recent trend is that the blockchain industry has a 2B-focused service that will help protect against the security threats and systemic risks of digital assets. Yan Jingsi, managing director of Danhua Capital, believes that 2B's custody business is just the need of the blockchain industry. “No matter who is doing the blockchain, as long as it involves digital assets, it needs to be managed.” In addition to blockchain startups, Some large organizations are also optimistic about the blockchain 2B business. Recently, IBM, Barclays Bank and Fidelity Group announced that they have entered the field of digital asset custody. Last year, Nomura Securities and Goldman Sachs of Japan also announced their investment in this field.