Forbes: European Central Bank to release distributed ledger EUROchain based on R3 Corda platform

According to Forbes, the European Central Bank recently released a new proof-of-concept project called EUROchain. Its research report pointed out: "EUROchain was developed by the European Central Bank and supported by Accenture and R3 companies, based on distributed ledger (DLT) technology." It is reported that the Corda platform based on R3 is designed to study how anti-money laundering rules and other Regulations to balance privacy, and DLT helps reduce transaction costs. As stated in the report, the EUROchain use case is based on a design that allows access to a central bank account and leverages reserve balances held by the central bank to provide users with central bank figures. In addition, EUROchain is different from other stablecoin use cases, such as Facebook's Libra. EUROchain does not seem to study the use cases of individual consumers, but rather focuses on the innovative integration of enterprise blockchain in banking.