State Grid Qinghai Electric Power: Deepening Research on Coordinated Dispatching Control of Energy Storage Power Plants and Power Grids Based on Blockchain Technology

According to China Energy Network report, on December 26, the Meiman shared energy storage power station officially started construction in Golmud City, Qinghai Province. The power station is the first domestic market-oriented operation of the grid-side shared energy storage power station. It is scheduled to be officially put into operation in July 2020. . Shared energy storage has become an important research direction in the energy internet framework. State Grid Qinghai Power stated that in the future, under the leadership of the State Grid Corporation of China and the Qinghai Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, under the guidance of the Northwest Energy Regulatory Bureau, it will further enrich the marketization of energy storage transactions. Variety, deepen research on coordinated dispatching control of energy storage power stations and power grids based on blockchain technology, break through the GW-level energy storage power station coordinated control technology, support the completion of GW-level energy storage power stations, and serve "two million kilowatt-class" new energy base , Improve the province's ability to absorb and send new energy.