ETC Labs CEO: Compatibility between ETC and ETH networks will accelerate ETC community and ecological development

According to AMBCrypto, ETC Labs founder James Wo and CEO Terry Culver spoke in a recent interview about ETC's upcoming Agharta hard fork. Culver said that the compatibility between the ETC network and the ETH network will accelerate the development of the ETC community and ecosystem. Wo said: "This update shows that we want to be compatible with Ethereum. We believe in the success of public blockchains because they build on the power of the community." It is understood that the next hard fork of the ETC network is Aztlán , Which will include features of Ethereum's recent Istanbul hard fork upgrade. According to previous news from the Odaily Planet Daily, the Agharta hard fork includes the features of the Ethereum Constantinople upgrade, which will basically make ETC fully compatible with ETH. ETC Core developers recently determined that the height of the Agharta hard fork is 9573,000, which is expected to take place on January 15, 2020.