Secret | Chain node [ice sculpture netizens] awards summary

Tonight (December 26) at 19:00, the chain node live broadcast room will hold an "ice sculpture netizen" award ceremony. Chain node annual ice sculpture awards revealed! Congratulations to the following winners:

People of the Year-Satoshi Nakamoto

Sand Sculpture of the Year-Dunkel Carved Retreat

Anti-finger of the year-Pippi shrimp yca2220206

Big Pen of the Year-Asian Copper

Technology God of the Year-BurntCoins

Annual Forum God Stick-ytwok2000

Best Content Contribution of the Year-Bit Silly

Annual Bar Essence-a part of the Theology of Pittlism

King of Faith of the Year-Horse Riding and Singing Empty

Best Bitcoin Evangelist of the Year-visionfar